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2004-11-30 - 1:52 p.m.

Well, it's about time I updated, isn't it? I had an unfortunate turn of events and became sick unto death. Almost. I've been wrestling with the grim reaper for a few days, but I think we've got a deal struck that will buy me some more time.

I'm in the "uncontrolled coughing fits" portion of the illness now. This all started with a sore throat on the first morning I woke up on my Thanksgiving vacation. I was still functional, but I could feel myself sliding downhill. The next day I had the *very* sore throat. The day after that, the throat was better, but the sniffling, sneezing, and coughing had started. At home, I got the chest congestion and it was kinda scary how much my airways have been cut off. Today I am slightly better in that my airways are working better, but I am coughing a LOT and my head hurts when I cough. I have no energy, little appetite, I'm a dishrag.


My extended family went to Hot Springs for this vacation. We had a pretty good time and I think all of us did a little of our christmas shopping. My nephew, who is 9 now, bought an electric ink pen that zaps you when you click the top. We had been split up that day and I didn't know about the shock-pen. The boy sweetly approached me and said he had bought me a pen. He does use his money to buy things for people, and I believed him. I took the pen, clicked the top, got shocked into next week, screamed, dropped the pen, and watched the evil nephew laugh up his spleen.

Hardy har har.

I told him he had just used up his one pass in life. It was funny one time, but if I ever get shocked again... even 40 years from now... he's hamburger. It really was funny. He went on to shock several random strangers. He switched that pen with a sales clerks' pen and she grabbed it up and got shocked. She gave him a hard look and said "You little booger". She was being kind.

I think it's hilarious when other people, who are not me, get shocked. I find it substantially less funny when it's me who gets it.

I'm weak, everything is going dark, and I think I hear the angels singing again... so I'd better go back to my bed. Maybe I'll rally again later and write some more.

No one has ever been this sick before and lived.

Pity me.

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