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2004-02-23 - 2:39 p.m.

I am a miserable clock watcher. I yearn to see the hands of the clock land on 4:30 pm so I can beat a hasty retreat from this temporary Hell I am imprisoned in each day. This is how I feel every day at about 2:30 in the afternoon. Lunch is making me sleepy, I’ve already spent several hours at this computer doing unfulfilling work, and I have no joy in the thought of facing the next 2 hours of the day.

This mood last for about 1 hour. Then I move on to my next mood of the day which is as follows:

WOW! It’s already 3:30!! Almost time to go. This day FLEW by !! WOOHOO!! One more hour… one more hour…

Labile mood disorder, or somebody who is fed up with her job?

Me thinks it’s the latter.

HA! I almost put “ladder” but that is a thing you climb on. Which doesn’t fit in my sentence at all. Boredom causes it, folks. Just plain old boredom. Maybe I should start doing drugs.

But you know what’s good about today? I’m having a good hair day and my outfit is cute. So, what more do ya need? Right?

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