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2007-06-21 - 11:21 a.m.


I'm slightly better today. But still. Pity me, for I am in emotional pain.

Here's a threadbare synopsis of my personal hell at the moment: Broke up with my spikey boy. Misery ensues. We are both miserable.

Bleh, that's all I want to say right now. I'm at work. I hate to be miserable at work. At any rate, my happy home in Second Life is fooked.

Onwards and upwards...

In my real life, things are freakin peachy. I have been in my awesome new place, which I love. I have been living with nothing but a mattress and an office chair and this situation has gotten old. I went out like a demon with a purpose yesterday, determined, nay HELLBENT, upon getting some furniture. I went first to the Sharper Image, harbinger of the insanely expensive luxury items that one simply must have. I'll tell you about that in a minute...

They said they could deliver my fabulous new luxury item that very day if I could be there to receive it, so I set about trying to track down someone with the authority to let me be off the rest of the afternoon. I couldn't get anyone on the phone, so I beat a trail back to the hospital and got my laptop, and while I was there, got the administrator to give me permission to slide out of here early.

I went to the Dillards store to buy my furniture and that was a fiasco, but a fun one for he most part. There is a guy in there that I would absolutely swear is gay, but he is married to a woman. He still might be and probably is gay. He is an interior decorator.. very neat, tidy, all about design and accessorizing. How many straight men ever say the word "accessorize"?

So he helped me a lot with my decor dilemmas and we made a great plan. I got my stuff ordered and it will be in next wednesday. Damn the waiting!! I hate to wait. But at least I got my new thing from Sharper Image. It is a human touch massage chair. Hello! Good stuff!!! It looks really nice too. That thing is wonderful. When you get a massage, one way the therapist can tell they are on the right track is if you breath deeply and sigh out. It means you are relaxing, your muscles are giving over. I was a sighing fool. That chair has a spine stretching feature and it does all kinds of rolly bar stuff, percussion, kneading, etc. It gets all down in the trigger points... it has a calf and foot massage feature. I'm telling you, it was well worth the money. If anything goes wrong in the next 5 years, I get it fixed or replaced. It was over 2K, but I think that chair is going to do more for me than that 2K would have. Can't wait to get home and get in it.

While I was still at the mall last night, one of my bosses snagged me on my cell phone and emphatically expressed that I just hadda hadda get myself to the hospital by 8 pm for a doctor meeting. I had to really hurry to make it there on time. But there were some issues with the docs that no one could explain but me. I splained it to them and made them all happy. The two main bosses were over there beaming at me. I love that. I like for them to remember why they like me.

Today one of them told me that they talked about me last night and said they sure were glad they had me to straighten that out and things like that are why they have me on board. That is good to hear.

So here is an unusual happening: My real life is better than my second life. Check that shit out.

I am so going to bed early tonight. I hope. I must go to lunch. Starving.

Later gators!

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