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2003-07-23 - 10:35 p.m.


"I'd rather scrub a wart than humiliate a gaseous fairy godmother."

The above quote came up on my random surreal quote generator and it seems like words to live by.

I was just reading about proofrok and Arvut and the great "Stealin' Stuff Caper". Now I feel inspired to tell a "Teets and Sistah Having Fun at JC Penney's" story.

Here goes: The sistah and I went out to the mall, two grown women are we. As we strolled through the store, we soon found ourselves basically alone in the men's underwear section. There were mannequins sporting the drawz left and right, all anatomically incorrect, just like a Ken doll.... and Sistah decides to boost their masculinity factor just a scosh. We looked around and found a bin of those "underwear in a tube" things... An oversized cylinder, as it were. Sistah inserted this cylinder at a natural looking slant into the front of the underwear on one of the mannequins, and suddenly "Ken" was transformed into Mr. Happy. Or maybe Mr. Ecstatically Happy. All the while we were looking around furtively and giggling like fools. It got painfully funny after we saw the old lady working there and started imagining her reaction and getting caught. It got so funny, we could barely walk upright.

On another night, when I'm not as tired as I am right now, I will explain why in my family, at this particular time, my sister is the Satan Spawn and I am the Golden Child. Those roles have been reversed at times, but I've been the golden child for a while now. I'm going to have to get caught having sex in public or robbing a bank or something to be thrown from my pedestal at the rate we're going right now.


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