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2003-11-04 - 6:48 p.m.


Here's the scoop. Myra, being a DJ gets to interview the celebs when they hit town. She also has gotten our tickets for the Better Than Ezra concert and of course we will be front and center.

One time we went to an Aerosmith concert and while Myra was chatting up Brad Whitford, I was hiding out, because I loved Aerosmith and didn't even want to meet them. I figured it would shatter my illusions.

She once got invited by Jon Bonjovi to "stay for breakfast" after his concert. She said no, but she came home with some good pictures.

OK - enough concert talk.


I am very happy to report that Myra and I will be designing a GIGANTIC spookhouse facade for next year's Edge of Madness. We are happy and up for the challenge, but it's almost a daunting task, since the thing is large and we have to have our plans in place by a deadline set sometime in December. There has to be time for building and painting, etc. Meanwhile, Myra and I have our day jobs and an added night gig.

It's cool though. I need more of a creative outlet since my job doesn't really provide that for me. Myra has a creative job, but she's just addicted to the shindig when it comes to the Edge of Madness. I'd like to see it a year round event in some way, or made into a larger venue, with maybe some concerts or events at different times of the year and that will be discussed in an upcoming meeting.

We still have to come up with ways to entertain the masses while they wait in line or wander the theme park. Anyways, it's all good stuff and our hearts are FILLED with blood.

Poor Myra has barfed like it was going out of style today... but she gots to rise up off that couch, for we have creative work to do!

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