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2006-03-07 - 6:33 p.m.

I want to show the world what kind of sister I have. She is a sister who thinks of me. She spends tiiiime thinking about me and smiling... And planning things. Harrowing, ugly, awful things sometimes... but at least she thinks about me. Right?

Today when I got home from work, I came in to check my email and when I turned my monitor, this is what popped up:

I jumped and shrieked a little. She saved that human hippo yawn as the wallpaper on my pc. I can just imagine her, hunkered down over my keyboard, chortling and wheezing and guffawing while she set me up for heart failure.

Ah, how she loves to gross me out.

She has done some things to me that I can't even put in this blog. She'd die of shame. One thing in particular would do her in if I told it. She was a kid at the time... so it would not be nice to trot that out for all the world to see... although she is mighty free about sharing her memories of the one little time I tricked her into eating a rabbit turd. But I'll keep her big transgression in the cranial archive.

Cause I'm sweet like that.

The culprit can be read at her blog: myramains

Thank you very much.

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