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2005-02-13 - 10:21 p.m.

I'm exhausted. Not mentally, but physically. It is my time of the month to feel tired and draggy, if you know what I mean. Plus, I don't think I have 2 red blood cells to rub together at this point.

I read an article once that claimed women only lose about 2 tablespoons of blood during their period. That article was obviously written by a man.

It was like freakin Bastille Day I tell you.

Anyways... I am tired. I went through all the motions though and got my laundry all done and my clothing for the week all ready to go. I packed my suitcase. There's no alternative but to do it. Cause I'll be off like a prom dress tomorrow. Off to Shreveport. This week I get to come home on Tuesday night, but only for a night. I have to travel to New Orleans to give a presentation to some doctors.

Yikes. I'm not fully prepared for that. I have to finish writing the presentation tomorrow or Tuesday at the very latest so I don't end up winging it at the meeting on Wednesday.

I had to do several horrible things I did not want to do today. Like cooking... dishwashing... laundry... packing... and I had to make a trip to the store to get cat litter, because we were out and the cat pan was rank. I change it every weekend when I'm home. But this week it was extra bad. Possum really out-did himself. What an effort he put forth.

Hey... I must have been even more tired than I thought, because I minimized this to go watch Carnivale and I fell asleep. So it's tomorrow. I'm about to leave for work.

See you cats later.

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