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2005-12-27 - 7:59 p.m.

I was going to update from work today, but alas, the internet was down yet again.

Now I have to try to hurry up and post a quickie, because we're going out to eat. No Cran-nags today. Believe that.

Funny conversation between Wibby and myramains, overheard by me on Christmas eve night:

Myra: Bubba (brother) is going to sleep in here with you tonight while Santa comes to leave toys. You don't mind if Bubba sleeps in here, right?

Wibby: Um, does he still fart?

Myra: I'm afraid so, but he needs to be in here for Santa.

Wibby: ::sigh:: Alright.

She had to take one for the team.

Maybe several.

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