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2003-11-23 - 7:12 p.m.

OK - My sister myramains has made a funny entry about my precious pup, Dagget.



Above you see pictured, up close and personal, the world famous Dagget. He is a chihuahua, but he looks a lot like a mini-pin. What a good looking boy.

He is also known as Daggala, The DagaTollah, Dag-o-rama, the Dagster, Dag-o-rific, Dag Nasty, Dagalaga Ding Dong, Dagtavious, Daggalonius, Dagmont, DagBaggins The Great Fearsome Overlord of Middle Earth, Snoop Daggy Dag, The Notorius D-A-G, Dagamaroon, Mr. Dagtastic, and just plain old Dag.

Occasionally, I call him Foolio. Like when he does a slick maneuver such as the one Myra detailed in her latest entry.

OK, so my boy likes a snack. Is that so wrong?? He really does get insanely nervous when there's food about. He becomes a jiggly mess until every morsel has been had, or put away out of his sight or smelling range.

I'm contemplating a ... shhh... whisper here.... diet for Dagget. He will hate it so bad. Poor feller.

But isn't he CUTE???

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