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2004-10-01 - 1:29 a.m.

Go me, it's my birfday, we're gonna party like it's my birfday, gonna sip Bacardi like it's my birfday.

October 1. The birth of the Teets. Are you getting a visual?

Instead of having a nice celebration someplace and getting presents and that sort of thing, I am going to be wearing a costume and screaming over the crowd all night. Woohoo.

The week sure did fly by in a hurry. I thought I had plenty of time before I'd have to put on the costume and go again but here we are. At this rate, November will be here. I want October to go by slowly. It's my favorite month. I guess I should go on a diet. That makes time go reeeeeeeeeally slowly. hehe

Self denial has the ability to warp time and drag things out, dontcha know.

If my boy from Philly doesn't call me pretty soon and whisper some sweet nothings, I may be forced to write his ass off as lost in battle. He seems to be missing in action and this is rather distressing to me as I had a bad dream about him recently.

I haven't been to sleep tonight, and that's fine, since it is only 1:21 am. In 8 minutes it's my birth-moment. I'll time stamp this entry for exactly when my birth-moment is. I am going to get in my supremely comfy bed and watch the "Survivor" episode I taped on my DVR box. After I sleep, I hope I wake up happy and content and not pissy and annoyed.

The birthday, in astrological terms, is known as the "solar return". It is the day when the sun returns to the same placement it was in the day you were born. The day of your birthday sets the tone for your whole year. I like to be happy and well adjusted for my b-day.

Maybe I'll have something good to write about after I get up. Have a happy October first!

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