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2005-06-23 - 10:27 p.m.

Have we all had enough of the sack cloth and ashes?

I'm not entirely sure that I have. I may want to wallow some more, but for right now I feel temporarily bolstered by 2 exquisitely nice things that happened to me today.

1.) I got a phone call from the Philly dwelling heart stomper himself. That was a mixed bag, because he wasn't as lovey as I would have liked... but I guess you can't have every damn thing.

2.) I got a huge raise today. Money can be a nice balm for a hurty heart. It doesn't fix the problem, but it sort of distracts one from the misery for a bit. Huge. Raise. Yeah.

I am expecting another phone call from you know who, a little later tonight. We shall see. He was at work and on a semi-rampage due to something apparently infuriating that was going on at his workplace, so he may not call. In fact, I suspect he won't. He said he would...


but I digress...

I really was glad to hear his stinky old voice.

My entire family went to the beach without me. Well, Bink stayed home, but everyone else went away. It has been eerily peaceful around here. Usually it is utter chaos because we have short people of young age who live in this house and make a never ending concert of unnecessary noise.

I cooked. I cleaned. I burned candles. I washed towels. I cleaned the ferret cage. Good Lord what a horrid task!! I would never ever agree to get a ferret again. Ferrets are proof that satan exists. They are satan spawn in a cute furry package.

So guess what? I am moving. I'm moving out of this house and going to a FINE apartment I found in Shreveport. This apartment is so fabulous that it brings a tear to my eye to think about it. The complex is gorgeous, the buildings are just so very nice. 2 pools. A 24 hour workout center. High ceilings, crown moulding, really nice appliances, alarm system, microwave and washer dryer included. Not just the hook-ups... the whole set. Big walk-in closets everywhere. But the thing that really pushes it over the edge into ridiculous luxury though is the fireplace. There's a gas fireplace that you light by clicking the switch on the wall. The manager showed me that and I just flipped out. I don't usually care for fireplaces because smoke gives me headaches and bronchitis, so I never use the fireplace in my house. But this one won't make smoke. And it's very pretty.

There is a slightly scary downside. They are very stringent about who they allow to live in their high class apartment community and I might be too janky to move in there. hahaha.

Seriously. The application looks like I'm trying to apply to be the next president of the USA. They want to know everything and if you have anything wrong anywhere... you're out. Well, technically, I'm already out. Cause I have a tax lien on my credit report. The rotten part is, I never owed any money. It was estimated tax owed and when I submitted all the paper work to the state, it turned out THEY owed ME a refund on that year. But yet, the lien shows up on my credit. It shows up as a past problem that was fixed, but just having the history of it on my report is very damaging. The application specifically states that tax liens are a deal breaker.

I'm thinking good old dad can help me out. The application says co-signers are not accepted for disgusting tax lien havers like me. But I'm thinking pops could rent the apartment and I could drop off "his" rent for him every month. We shall see. If I can't pass the white glove credit inspection, and can't get dad to help me pull a scam, I might have to go someplace else or rent a house or something. I don't know. I do not want to live anywhere else but this fine apartment. Nothing else will do now. I gots to have it. Damn me and my shady tax issues.

It's exciting to think about getting it though. Myramains will rent my house and I'll give her the cut rate. It will be way cheaper than any apartment she could get. This is going to be good for all of us.

I am getting tired. I've got to get in bed and sleep through Conan O'Brien's show now.

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