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2003-07-03 - 6:08 p.m.


As announced in an earlier diary entry, my sister and I are going to a lesbian wedding this weekend. My 7 year old nephew had an idea in mind for some fun things to do on Saturday, so my sister told him she won't be home, since she is going to a wedding. At this news, his little face lights up and he says "Can I go?" So... thinking it might be a bad idea to take him to the wedding, she says "This is a different kind of wedding... instead of a man and a lady, it's 2 ladies". Senor Wiseacre gives her the flat stare and says "I know what a lesbian is." (mind you, he's 7) he follows up that revelation with this nugget: "And I know how to BE one too. All you have to do is munch a lot of carpet."

Ahhhh yes. There you have it. He's a rug muncher now. He got that directly off Southpark. This is the kid who recently announced that he is an alcoholic. So, if I believe the source, I have a 7 year old lesbian alcoholic nephew, who is going to be "The New Elvis" when he grows up. Pretty ironic, since the word has it, Elvis wouldn't munch a rug if you slathered it in peanut butter and nanners, baby.

Thank you... thank you very much.

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