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2006-06-09 - 10:26 p.m.

Well, there's another week wrapped and in the box. Time flies when you're having fun... And sometimes when you're not.

I have been thoroughly enjoying my time as a lady of leisure. I've been working 2 days a week, handling one of my hospitals over the phone, and somehow managing to get paid more than I was getting before I reduced my schedule! My mother says God is blessing me. I certainly feel blessed.

I think she's starting to get tired of me having free time, because lately she has been calling me *every* day and asking me to do something for her. In the past short while she has asked me to go into business with her, buy a line of products, come to her house several times for several meetings related to her new business, she's asked me a few different days to babysit the nephew that she is supposed to be babysitting over the summer, she wants me to go on a certain protein health regimen that she wants to promote, pick up the kids for her, and most recently she asked me to come stay at her house so I can water her plants while she's out of town. I can't stay the whole weekend, so I get to just go over there and water her plants without sleeping over. Like, literally, once a day I get a request.

Now, don't get me wrong. My mom has been there for us all and she hasn't worn me out with requests in the past. She deserves some help and compliance. I said yes to several of her requests. But the doggedly consistent nature of her favor-asking has gotten scary, because a sistah doesn't know when it's going to end... ya know? I don't know if she's going through a phase, or if she's just trying to fill up my time so I won't be "idle", or if she has decided it's my turn to be the family mom. I don't know what's happening here, but it's a little spooky. I am a little worried that the time will come when I have to do something about it. I think my career is about to crank back up to crazy-frenetic and most of the favor asking will be thwarted due to my total absence from town. Let's hope so.

Dontcha just hate when other people try to plan up your time??? I don't have a problem with "idleness". I do not fear it or consider it the devils playground. I think it's a refreshing break that I've used pretty well.



Wow. I seriously digressed.

SO... When I took on this new schedule, I thought I would be going to work full time in a new facility by March or April and then trying to juggle both jobs for as long as I could. That March/April deal got postponed, much to my relief. I fully expected to be juggling several projects and experiencing something that falls somewhere between frazzled and burnt out by now. That has not happened, but things are soon going to heat up.

I got a call today to let me know that soon I will have to pack up and go out of state for a new hospital start-up project. I am going to have to work this new job around my 2 days a week in Shreveport. I've got a couple of game plans for handling that. I'll only have to be out of town for maybe 2 or 3 weeks, I think. It's a short term project in the beginning, but I will probably be going back there periodically for consulting purposes. I might be able to do some of that start-up work from home. Getting manuals together and matching them to state regs. etc.

I've got a few other projects looming in the near future as well. That's all good stuff though. I'll be dragging down some serious buckage while I'm jumping through my ass and juggling multiple jobs. I like it when my world gets hectic and crazy. I have really been enjoying the down time though.

Right now I am going to go talk to my sister.

I guess we should make a new plan for chatting. If we don't make a specific plan, it doesn't happen. I miss my chat buddies! :-)

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