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2003-10-15 - 7:35 p.m.

DISCLAIMER: If you clicked on the "Hog Humping Monkey Lover" banner and it brought you here, you should know that "Hog Humping Monkey Lover" is a term of endearment for my wee chihuahua, who has been known to hump the hog and love the monkey from time to time. Both hog and monkey are toys. My pooch viewed them as sexual partners, until he was neutered. Now that we've cleared that up, it's time for a serious topic...


Wake the kids, gather 'round the monitor, invite the neighbors in, pass out the hot chocolate...

It's time for a true scary story from New Orleans. This is true and actually happened:

In May of 1918, many Italian grocers in New Orleans were visited and hacked to death by a deranged killer who became known in the city as "The Axeman". He always used a chisel to break into their homes and then murder them with an axe. The victims would wake up in the night to see a large dark figure holding an axe at the foot of the bed. The Axeman would hack them to death, always leaving his chisel and axe at the scene of the crime.

The "New Orleans States" newspaper received a letter from the fiend dated March 13, with a return address of "Hell". The letter was eloquent and well written. In it, the madman said he was a "fell demon from the hottest hell" -who loved jazz.

He said that he would "pass over" the people on St. Joseph's Day if everyone in the city played jazz for him that day. Jazz blared all over the city that day and night... and no victims were claimed that night.

There was an abrupt end to the murders in October of 1919, most likely signaling the death of the serial killer.

In present times, that maniac has been profiled and it is speculated that the killer was an intelligent sociopath who was very likely a local jazz musician.

There are lots of haunts in New Orleans. Myra and I are planning to go do the ghost tours and stuff one of these days. I am going to tell more of these stories between now and Halloween.

In Jackson Square, which is a very famous spot in New Orleans, there is a museum that has an out building that was used as a prison during the war of 1812. It is said that the ghost of a young man who was hanged there still haunts it.

Food and drinks are knocked out of the hands of guests there, by a young man who always fits the same description but whom museum security can never find.

St Louis Cathedral next door is said to be haunted by the ghost of a bishop.

New Orleans is just full of scary places and ghost stories. One dirty old ghost likes to walk in on the ladies while they are bathing.

I want to go there soon and have some spooky fun. Trent lives there you know...

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