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2004-05-29 - 1:12 a.m.


Just now... as I sat here in utter silence perusing the various diaries that I read everyday, I heard a racket. An ongoing, mechanical sound that I couldn't place. I got up to go see what was happening. Myra has been in bed for an hour or so, the boy is spending the night at a friend's house, Bink's not home... it's just me and the fur babies. So I went into the living room and tracked the noise to the VCR. It was furiously backing up a tape. The TV is off, no one has been near it in the past hour, and the VCR is rewinding a tape. When it finished rewinding, it spit the tape out like the thing was unwelcome. There for a minute I was actually afraid the TV was going to come on and I was going to see a scene from "The Ring". Specifically, I was afraid I was about to see that little girl getting out of the freakin well. After a somewhat lengthy pause, I just said "Oooo-kaaaaaaaaay" and went back to my room.

Now, that little VCR rewinding bit could have been the result of Myra turning off the TV without stopping the VCR, but the baby's tape had finished before she ever went to bed, so if the VCR was going to automatically rewind it at the end of the tape, it should have happened before Myra went to bed, long before I heard the noise. Still, there could possibly be an explaination.

Myra had an experience not too long ago that has no solid explaination. None whatsoever. It could ONLY be a ghost. Or telekinesis of the subconcious mind.

Here's what happened: Myra was washing some dishes and an ice scraper which had been laying flat on top of the fridge flew off its resting place and whizzed by Myra's head, landing on the floor behind her! The fridge is located to the far right of the sink as you face it. The ice scraper didn't fall downward, or straight toward the front. It flew off sideways and traveled horizontally for some distance.

The ghostie tried to lob the ice scraper at Myra's head! I think that particular spook just likes to mess with Myra, because it had it's bluff in pretty good. She was afraid of it. She is less afraid now, and less things are happening to her.

I think it's Bink's ghost doing all the pranks. When Bink gets close to the phone it does crazy stuff. One day it was beeping out something that sounded like morse code. And very recently, the phone flashed a message on the screen that said "out of service" when Bink was standing next to it, then when she moved away, it went back to normal. We couldn't get it to do it again.

Her ghostie is trying to reach out and touch someone. Bink is not afraid of it at all. She's used to it. It's been around her always. When she was little, she had an imaginary friend (or so we thought) and she called it "Mrs. Gubberwitch". Hmmm... I wonder...

One more tidbit of weirdness: a couple of days ago, Myra was changing the baby's diaper and the baby said "When I was a little boy I pee pee in my underwear and I hide em."

OK, there are a few things wrong with that scenario. For one thing, she's always been a girl... for another thing, she has not been potty trained and doesn't know there's a reason not to pee pee in your underwear, and for another thing, she doesn't even have any "underwear" and doesn't normally use that term. She calls her butt coverers "dipes". So whassup with that? Not a ghost story, but still odd.

Now that I am talking about ghostie things and odd occurances, it reminds me that we only have a few months till we have to do the Edge of Madness. Yikes! We have 4 months to get ready. It seemed like such a long stretch of time before it would be back around, but here we are. I've got to center my chi and all that good stuff. I'm going to be an evil fortune teller. I've got to make myself totally unrecognizable so I won't be shy. Maybe I'll be a sexy spook next year. I'm going to be an ugly one this year. I'll have the rubber/latex woochie thing on and scary contacts.

It's not even full-on summer yet and I'm already looking forward to Fall. You know I'll get all spookinated for weeks before Halloween. I'll probably be even worse this year because I'm involved in this scream park. It will be foremost in my mind.


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