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2003-07-28 - 5:31 p.m.


I work in a hospital building that has a long and scary history behind it. I will tell some first hand accounts of spooky things I have seen with my own eyes, and I will give some second hand accounts, seen by people I know and trust.

First, some background: The building I work in was built a good 40 or 50 years ago, right on top of a burial ground!! There are bodies under there and there are a few very old tombstones still out there on the property. I have worked in this building 3 different times under 3 different companies. One set of owners after another try to make a go of business at this location, and they usually fail within 3 years.

An old black lady recently told me these exact words: "This hospital was built on dead man's land, and nothing will ever last in this place." ::shudder::

One of the tombstones has the name "Parks" on it. He died in the early 1800's. So when things happen, as they frequently do, we chalk it up to a visit from Mr. Parks.

We have a lot of unexplained things happening in our building which have to do with the alarms, electric equipment, and things of that nature. Example: Our security alarm was going off repeatedly without any explanation. It was worked on numerous times, it was replaced, and the new one continued to ring many times a day. We all chalked that up to the ghosties.

In my office, I used to sit on one side of the office and there was a work station for my transcriptionist on the other side of my large office. A couple of times I had the experience of hearing the dictation machine come on, blasting the doctor's voice for a minute or two, and then just shutting off by itself. My assistant was so scared, she went home. She said, and I quote "I ain't tryin to see no ghost."

It is freaky to be quietly working and then suddenly hear a voice talking out of nowhere.

Another time, I was in my office and a patient was just outside my open office door. I witnessed the following exchange:

Nurse to patient: "Are you tired today?"

Patient: "I didn't get any sleep at all because of the damn ghosts in this place."

Nurse: "Oh... (giggle) um... do you see any ghosts right now?"

Patient: "No, they come only come out at night. They make a lot of racket and carry on conversations in my room at night and I can't sleep with all the racket going on."

That patient was staying in room 201 which is commonly accepted to be haunted. That room has had more strange reports than any of the other rooms. Through the years, our patients have always reported seeing ghosts. No matter what type of facility operates there, the patients report supernatural events.

A close friend of mine told me that when she worked there during a period when the building was being used as a psychiatric hospital, a "balloons and flowers" bouquet was delivered to someone at the hospital. The arrandgement sat on the receptionist's desk for a while. My friend said she SAW two of the balloons pulling out of the bouquet as if they were being pulled out by unseen hands, then they floated down the hall, and TURNED THE CORNER into room 201. Someone went and retrieved the balloons, replaced them into the arrangement, and later that day, the balloons were found back in room 201.

Our ward clerk was working an all nighter one time, and when she went out for a smoking break just off the mostly unused 400 wing, she discovered the floor was covered in about 2-3 inches of water. She sloshed through the water to get to the smoking area, took her break, then headed back in to reluctantly call to wake the maintenance director at home to report a broken water line. When she stepped back inside the building, there was no water on the floor. Not only was there no standing water, the floor was not even wet. In 10 - 15 minutes, it had all disappeared.

One time, in a department head meeting, our head physician told us not to go into room 201, especially the females. He said the room is haunted and that we have to stay out of there. This doctor is not the type of guy to even believe in a ghost. He will not tell us exactly why we can't go in, or what happened, but there was an incident with that room that was the catalyst for that meeting.

After that warning, I was working late one night, and I didn't want to miss a certain program on TV. I had the great idea of doing my work in front of the tube, and there was one in the empty patient room closest to my office - room 201. I was slightly spooked, but I decided I was being silly, and I went ahead and set up my work area. As it turns out, I was nervous as a cat while I was in there, so I was hypervigilant and paranoid. After a while, I heard a squeeeeeeeeakkk which got my undivided attention. I scanned the room real fast, looking for the source of the sound and I saw the bathroom door moving, very slightly. I was sincerely paralyzed with fear. The door began to move a little more, squeaking as it torturously eased open, only a slight amount. I was too scared to even scream, and then the completely unthinkable happened - I saw a bony, crypt keeper looking hand slide through the crack of the opening door. It moved very slowly, and very tremorously, and it clutched the door, let go, clutched again... I was sitting there doubting my sanity. The whole thing was going in slow motion, and I was seriously too afraid to scream or move for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, I just went for it, and opened the door. It was a grizzly looking old old ollllld patient. I had never seen her before, she was not on my census. There was an explanation, but I didn't know what it was at that moment. Turns out, she was a patient from our sister hospital that had been moved to our location, due to an ice storm. We condensed all the patients to our location in anticipation of a disaster. I didn't know this had gone on that day.

That last one is almost a rip off, because it turned out not to be supernatural at all, but let me tell you, it is on my top 5 list of things that scared the shit out of me.

As I said before, I have worked in this building 3 times. Between each of these jobs, the building spent some time shut down, boarded up, and deserted. Last time it was boarded up, I took a very psychic friend over to see where I used to work, and the hair stood up on the back of his neck when we got out and walked around the building. He kept asking me "Don't you FEEL that?" As we walked around the building, we were locked out and the windows were boarded up so we could not even see inside, but he pointed to an area out back and said "There are bodies out there. If we dug, we'd find bodies." It's a burial ground, there really are bodies out there. As we walked around the other side of the building, even though we couldn't see inside, he pointed right to the area where room 201 is, and he said "Right there, through that wall, there is a 'cruel place' where something really bad happened a very long time ago." He went on to tell me he was catching an old, old vibe and it felt like it was indians... native americans. Older than the building. It is not the building that is haunted so much as the land. The dead man's land.


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