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2005-09-25 - 2:07 p.m.

Dear Hurricane Rita,

Is that all you've got? I mean, really. That was pretty weak. I was counting on you to rip off my roof and make my insurance company put me a nice new one on there, but no. You are just a Katrina wannabe.

Disappointedly, Wilberteets


Dear Fuel Industry,

You are a bunch of opportunistic gougers. You raised the prices dramatically based on the information that a storm could hit that may possibly cause damage to the oil refineries, making higher prices necessary. Why wait for the damage to occur? Why not just jack that price up before anything happens? Right? I'm sure the hybrid car industry thanks you.

Hatin on ya, Wilberteets

OK, I have nothing else to bitch about right now. I am not really feeling very ranty at the moment because my cable finally came back on. The wind knocked out the cable service and we have a network in Teetsville that accesses the internet via cable modem. Therefore the whole deal was down and I had to go online via the dial up. ::gasp:: It's good to have the broadband working again.

I feel like I am wasting a day. I should go to a movie or something. Or not. It's a lazy day.

So what's up with you guys?

spring - fall

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