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2004-01-30 - 11:31 p.m.


I am still employed. Five department heads and a therapy tech resigned yesterday. The other therapy tech has been offered another job, and she is considering it.

My assistant and I offered to help out and shift our responsibilities around to help cover some of the holes left by the mass exodus, and the administrator seemed very appreciative of that. Let's hope he remembers that when my neck is on the chopping block.

For now, I feel safe. They are grateful they still have some people left. This could all change next week. I just don't know. But whatever happens, I'll be ok.

It was kinda crazy around work today. Crazy enough that everyone left me alone for a change and I got a lot accomplished.

I am so happy it's Friday!!! This week went by so fast that it's just weird. It doesn't seem possible that the week is done and it's a weekend again. I think this feeling is partially because I missed most of Wednesday at work while I was home getting appliances installed. I love a Wednesday off.

New topic:

Myra got kissed and nearly went insane from the disgust. Her mistake was letting a guy near her who trips her hoke-a-meter. She is not attracted to him, he is corny in her opinion, and she can't get past the corn. Then he kissed her. She went buck wild. She called me on the phone to yell gibberish for a couple of minutes. She'd been running circles and flapping her arms for awhile, but it had failed to relieved her all consuming disgust. She said and I quote "God!!! It was horrible!! I can't stop screaming!!" That Myra, she's quite a card.

Here comes another new topic:

Who, besides me, is in love with the new song by Puddle of Mud?? It's called "Away From Me". It's stuck in my head. I woke up humming it this morning for Pete's sake! I apparently sang it to myself all night long in my sleep, like I was a CD stuck on repeat.


And I'm playing it again.

See, that's what I do. I get on a song and I MUST HEAR IT until I get tired of it. Right now, I'm obsessed with it.

Bink and I laughed so hard tonight that I almost lost control of not only my bodily functions, but my car as well. We were on the interstate and I was imitating how Dagget smacks and pants during the night, and how he gulps water, and all of a sudden it was all unbearably funny. Bink was making some kind of a weird uncontrollable gasping/laughing noise and she was wallowed down in her seat so far, she was almost laying down. It got so funny. Then she gasped "This is dangerous". Then I REALLY lost it. And I seriously feared for our very lives for a few minutes, but I was helpless. I thought I might faint. I was so totally winded from laughing. My stomach muscles are tired.

I know that is a poor explaination and no one will be able to understand why it was so funny, but it was one of those things that was visual and I guess you had to be there. We just went hysterical.

I did this STOOOOPID impression of Dagget slurping water, and Bink kept saying "How does he go?" and I would just do it again, because it was making her laugh. Finally, I said "You are a nut". Then I suffered a reality check and said "I'm over here slurping like a dog, but you are the nut" and that's where it all went to hell in a hand-basket. We just dissolved into relentless, muscle gripping, painful, dangerous, laughter.

You know what's good about life? Small luxuries. A full body massage, a glass of wine upon occasion, and some really fine linens. There's no reason for anyone to be unable to relax.

I'm in a happy mood. I wish I could pull one of you friends through the telephone and just talk tonight. I'd fall asleep on you pretty quick tonight though. Don't let my good intentions fool you.

Happy Friday everybody!

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