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2005-08-31 - 9:40 a.m.

My regular readers know that I live in Louisiana, but I'll state it for the people who might pop in today for the first time. This entry will serve as a Katrina update of sorts. I want to write about the crazy stuff that I'm seeing and hearing about.

Although I live in Northern Louisiana, I work in South Louisiana half the time and I can't get there. Some of the roads I use are GONE. Just... not there anymore. I haven't been able to get through to the corporate office on the phone, not even cell phones, since Monday.

Yesterday, a smaller town near my home town was totally out of gasoline. The radio announcer said buy gas... if you can... while you can. I am staying home from work today to conserve the gas I have, so I can make it to work tomorrow and go on to my vacation from there. I hope there's no gas shortage above Louisiana. I don't want to get far from home and not be able to get back. This is how Katrina is affecting me, in North Louisiana.

Let's talk about south Louisiana. In New Orleans, famous Canal street is really a canal now. There are FISH swimming down Poydras street. There are gators and water moccasins swimming down the streets... exploring people's houses. Dead animals and people are floating around. The French Quarter is torn up. The Superdome is being evacuated due to rising water. The thousands of people inside the dome are being bussed to Houston to live in the Astrodome for a while.

The mayor of New Orleans has said that people won't be able to come back for 12 to 16 weeks. Here's where I am affected again. My sister and I were planning to go to New Orleans in October for some ghost tours and vampire tours. I hope Chaz the vampire is ok and his business doesn't fold before we can get there!!

They are anticipating a lot of caskets floating free. The graves are above ground in New Orleans, because being below sea level makes above ground burial necessary.

A lot of people have drowned in their homes. There are dead people floating against their ceilings. They don't know how many people are dead. There are sick people, pregnant women, diabetics, and heart patients wandering down Interstate 10. Some of them are getting heat exhaustion. The food is running out. I think help is on its way, but it will be too late for some of these people.

As is typical after a devastating storm, the weather is beautiful today.

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