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2004-04-27 - 10:19 p.m.

OK, I get it... my James Bond banner where he's saying "Teets...Wilberteets" is hated by all and I am the only soul who finds it funny. Got it. Check. Okie dokie. It's kicking flea ass at the stunning rate of 0.4% click-through.


I soooooo miss my massage therapist, Shirley. She is a wonderful person. My life is painful without her. I need a massage in the worst way.

In other news: I must share this odd fact about myself with the world at large, or with just you, Gentle Reader.

Prepare for the freakiness:

Fancy toothpaste makes the inside of my mouth peel out. It's very strange. Plain old Colgate Winterfresh does not cause mouth peelage, but Crest super-duper-uber-paste peels me, yo. Any kind of tarter control toothpaste does it, too. I know I am not the only person who experiences this phenomenon.

I went to a restaurant tonight and after carefully casing the place to make sure "the kid" wasn't there, I allowed myself to be seated. I asked for seating in the non-smoking area, because I'm severely allergic to smoke and I'm freakin asthmatic and any kind of smoke sends me into unnatural fits of coughing and prolonged illness.

So naturally, within a few minutes there was an annoying asshole smoking a cigarette at the very next table. He had the nerve to smoke it while simultaneously looking just like my ex-husband. He also displayed a malcontented, overly loud persona which also was an identical imitation of my ex and it made me mad to see and hear him.

I decided to not make a fuss. The smoke wasn't floating at my face, as smoke usually does, so I decided to just sit tight and only leave if it started getting in my personal space. While I was saintly enough to not throw a fit about this jerk smoking in the non-smoking area, I was thinking nasty thoughts about this stink-monging, ex-imitator.

Then 2 people right behind me lit up.

I was quickly enveloped in smoke. So I asked the waitress, very quietly, if this was the non-smoking area. She said "This is the smoking area. Would you like to move to non-smoking?"

I was SO glad I didn't pitch a bitch about the jerks smoking in the non-smoking area. I was the one in the wrong area. I wonder which part of "non-smoking please, a booth if possible" was hard for the hostess to wrap her brain around. Apparently the "non" confused her. It is pretty tricky and all.

Today at the hospital where I was hired to find the lost money and train the people to do things right, I had to explain the difference between acute care coding and rehab coding. The lady who has been coding, has been doing it wrong. She has been causing many billing errors and rejections. When I try to explain things to her, she tries to demonstrate her knowledge instead of listening and when I tell her what she is doing wrong, she tries to defend herself and says "I guess we just have a difference of opinion there".

Today I had to inform her that what I am telling her is not a matter of opinion. There is a right way and a wrong way, and she is doing it the wrong way. I had to haul out the manuals and show her in cold hard print where I get my info and why I am right. She finally came around to reality. She's not about to just take my word for it. Fortunately I can back up what I say in the books. I don't do things that I cannot justify according to the regulations.

I understand her panic. She is afraid she will end up canned. That's not going to happen. I explained that to her. She needs to relax. She's very proud of her experience and knowledge, but she doesn't understand that her experience pertains to acute care, not rehab. She needs to trust the rehab coder instead of defending her acute coding tactics.

Exciting topic, eh?

I'll stop with the shop talk.

I need to make some new banners. My 007 banner is crawling along like a drunk snail, but my bananner banner is kicking hiney and clipping right along like a champ. I decided to run multiple banners because I haven't run a banner in a long time. The biscuit whore banner is running too.

I have to renew my Gold membership in a week or less. If you come here and see no pictures allasudden, you'll know I forgot about it.

I have rambled forth quite a bit tonight. Almost with no rhyme or reason. Verily, I must go now.

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