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2010-11-14 - 10:33 p.m.

The world has gone crazy and us freedom loving Americans are losing our freedoms one by one. Please copy and paste this URL into your browser and see what is happening to people in airports if they decline the invitation to go into the machine that xrays your clothes out of the picture and shows your entire naked body.

We all need to totally refuse to comply with that ridiculous mess. If you do not agree to be virtually strip searched as a condition to getting on a plane, your other option is to be felt up INCLUDING YOUR GENITAL AREA. If you refuse to allow them to handle your privates, they can kick you out of the airport, deny you the flight, and bring a suit against you.

This is only being legally done because it is the government imposing it.

Check this out. You can read what happened and see a video with very clear audio to witness it for yourself.

Check it out:


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