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2007-06-14 - 11:12 a.m.

I am running banners today, because I am officially *back* after having fallen deep down the chasm of online gaming... plus I have a whole lot of banners stacked up. Might as well use some up.

So any banner clickers that happen by will not know anything about me, which would tend to make the mundane details of my life a bit boring. I know the mundane details of my life are positively riveting to the people who know me, right?


I would urge you new visitors to go to my archives and click on some of my first entries ever and get some scoop. Or maybe get some ghost stories from way back. People seemed to really like that stuff. Some of those early entries were pretty funny and what I write today is likely to be about my new surroundings, new job, etc. This will make you love me and cause you to come back. Or not. At least you'd feel informed and in the loop.

Here's a mundane detail: when I moved, something horrible happened to my desk top tower. It would not turn on at all. My good friend "Computer Guy", whom I owe any number of ... favors... for stuff he has done for me... fixed my tower for me today. He says I really owe him big now. hehe.

I'm going to hell.

OK - I have turned out a ridunkulous amount of work already today. I have 3 stacks of doctor letters on my desk. They are all ready to go. I hope to be going to lunch soon. Maybe I'll post again after lunch. It's all feast or famine with me. Notice that? No entries forever, then I'm posting like a fiend.

I hear Computer Guy. I don't want to be observed writing about him. He already knows I talk about him at home. (thanks again, sister)

Oh, I am a notorious insomniac, and I would just like to announce that I went to bed at like 10:15 pm, and slept all night. Eight whole hours. That's unheard of.

My hair looks stupid today.

It was cute yesterday.

Not so much today.

Can't win em all.

OK, it looks basically the same today as yesterday, but I feel it looks stupid today whereas yesterday, I felt cute.

Must be hormonal.


I am in true hopes of finding some furniture soon. I've been living with a mattress and one office chair since last Friday. A bitch need a couch. Ya heard?

Maybe I'll furniture shop on my lunch break.

Later Gators.

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