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2006-05-17 - 12:56 p.m.

As you know, Gentle Reader, I travel for work and the closest facility to my home is a good hour and a half away, so this affords me a great deal of thinking time as I drive to and from the places I work.

Yesterday as I drove along, my mind wandered over some of the unbelievably silly things my ex-husband did and I thought I would lay some of these things out in an entry. I have enough distance from it all to find more humor in it these days than I did at the time. He was a trial, to put it very kindly.

I don't remember what sparked these memories to begin with, but my ex did a lot of really stupid things and I was laughing as I drove along, thinking back on some of the ridiculousness. He is not a stupid person, but he is... uh.... wreckless and careless. Ridiculous things happen to him.

One time, he parked his truck in a driveway for "just a minute" and he failed to put on the park brake.

Care to guess?

His truck rolled backwards down the driveway, across the street, down a hill, and wrenched backwards the still-open door on a tree that was rude enough to be standing in the way. We had to buy a new door for his truck and get it painted. He cost us a whole lot of money with his antics.

Another time, my very own genius was illegally riding a 3 wheeler on the highway. He had a collision with a big truck and lived to tell about it. He got a ticket and since he had no insurance for this vehicle, "we" had to pay the fine and the other guy's truck repairs out of "our" pocket, which was equal, almost to the penny, to MY 2 week paycheck. I had to go cash my paycheck and immediately hand it over for his fine. I was not a happy girl.

One time he went out drinking without letting me know what was going on, (already a bad move) got totally wasted, and came home in the wee hours with damage to all 4 corners of our car. He claimed that someone hit the car while it was parked and that he was completely innocent in the situation, but the actual truth is that he hit 4 parked cars while his drunk ass was trying to get out of the parking lot. Gorsh, why did I ever let him go?

Another time, he bravely placed himself in between 2 fighting drunks and each of them stopped hitting each other and popped him one. He had 2 black eyes the next day.

He loves him a party.

There were a whole lot of other incidents that were not so hilarious as these. I'd say those miserable stories are best saved for another entry on another day. Suffice it to say, I had good reason for getting a divorce.

Ahhhh.. memory lane.

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