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2006-06-03 - 11:01 p.m.

It's a little bit ironic that I named my last entry "Ahhh Lazy Saturday" and then went right on to mess up the easy cadence of the day by suddenly inviting dinner guests on the spur of the moment. Guests can be fun, but it was so close to dinner time that I didn't have much time to hurry around and do a dustbunnyectomy if needed. To make matters worse, the guests were our parents and our mom is the original white glove inspector.

No dust bunnies can be tolerated.

Fortunately, I happen to be a domestic goddess, so the house was in pretty good order. I still ran the vacuum and changed the kitty litter and did the little things you only notice if your mom is in the house. We hid the cat's food dish in the pantry and poor Posh nearly had a break from reality. He was all kinds of upset that his bowl wasn't in it's normal place. His bowl has been returned and all is well in his world now.

My sister, myramains made some really good guacamole and a pitcher of sangria which we fed to our parents and told them the sangria was "fruit punch". Har har. I thought we should let them get toasted and then drive their tee-totaling asses back to their house afterwards. Funny.

Turns out they were more savvy than I thought and they suspected us of evil-doing before they ever laid a lip over the drinks. They liked it though. It was a good visit and I'm glad we had them over. Poor ma. She loves to get invited and it really doesn't happen often enough.

I guess we will have a lazy Sunday. If no one gets crazy and invites someone over.


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