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2004-04-18 - 5:40 p.m.

So we invited Ward and June Cleaver over for a BBQ today. Ward and June being the parental units. We all had a swell time. Burgers were grilled, trampoline jumping was engaged in, the family thing was happening, and the weather was perfect.

Myra and I were outside yesterday, enjoying the newly mowed and spruced up back yard, when the idea hit me like divine inspiration. I said "We should have Mom and Dad over for a BBQ tomorrow." Myra was in delightful agreement. We called the Momness right then and laid out the invite. She was all squealey with happiness and the idea was declared a done deal.

This morning, Myra and I stared at each other through tired and bleary eyes and said "What the hell were we thinking?" For you see, we had no meat to grill, things had to be done, and all our naughty and heathernistic stuff had to be hidden away. All this... and yet we only wanted to rest some more and languidly sip on hazelnut coffee.

Once we came to grips with the fact that the BBQ was happening whether we were ready or not, Myra said "I guess we'd better stash all our palm reading books, sex books, and tarot cards. That's just funny. We often get a good laugh from imagining how appalled mom would be by the things we do, say, or own.

We closed off our bedrooms and hid all the incriminating evidence in there. My mom knows I'm into astrology, but she doesn't like it, Missy. No sir, she doesn't like it one bit.

But she does like to come over and visit. She likes to see her grandkids in their natural habitat.

Myra and the short kid are napping, Elvis Jr. is outside with his friends, The Binkster is getting ready to blow this pop stand, and I am packing and getting ready to leave for another week of work. I'm going back to the hospital I just audited to provide some training for the employees so that maybe they will be able to do it correctly without me. I get to sleep in my own bed tonight and make the trip in the morning. Next week I will be going farther away from home, so I'll have to leave on Sunday night. That seems to make my weekend shorter. I'd like to take Bink with me, but she has her own stuff to do.

I missed everyone while I was gone and I think it might be kind of good for everyone that I travel during the week. Myra and the kids had the house to themselves a lot of the time and I had a chance to miss being in the chaos vortex of children. This makes me a kinder and gentler Mimi on my return home. We all had a really nice weekend.

I have to go to the store and buy a few unmentionables and I SO don't want to go anywhere. I'm kind of tired. I can make it till tomorrow, but if I put off the shopping, I'll have to go to the store in the other town and I could run up on a bad situation before I get more ... uh... feminine supplies.

Had to go there.

Just pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.

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