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2004-02-08 - 10:23 a.m.

You know your job is not fulfilling when you mourn the loss of your weekend every Sunday, dreading Monday like a root canal.

I used to love Mondays, so my sudden aversion is one tip off that something is rotten in Denmark.

But it's ok, cause I've formed an escape plan. It's a plan that will take a year or so to accomplish, but it's do-able.


I have discovered a flaw in my previous plan to watch all the Oz episodes I want in my own room. I had this super cable box installed in my room and thought I had reached Nirvana for sure, but there is just one slight problem.

As soon as I crawl my happy ass up into the luxurious cloud of fluffy goodness that I call my bed, nestle myself into the fine linens, between billowing layers of hypoallergenic goose down, and start my show, it takes me approximately 6 minutes to zonk out for the night. I have attempted to watch the same episode 4 times now, to no avail. I make it to the same point, EARLY in the show, and I'm gone.

My problem is that I can't handle TV watching, a relaxed position, and warmth all at the same time. It knocks me out. Maybe if I try it without getting under the covers... Or maybe I'll have to watch TV during the day when I'm less likely to snooze.


Just now, I was trying to eat a bagel and I had 2 dogs and a cat totally transfixed on the food, watching every single nuance of movement. Anytime anyone has food of any kind, they are all there, watching. Hoping, yearning, praying to their little Patron saints of snacks. Their heads move in unison, like they are practicing for the olympics.

If more than one person is eating, they sit by the person most likely to give up a bite. They know who the suckers are. They know it down to mere degrees. They can choose correctly between 2 suckers, the one who will give the most bites.

My cat likes bread. I should get him some brewers yeast tablets. I've never seen a cat turn one down. For some reason, cats like to eat brewers yeast. But if you have a cat and you want to try this, don't feed your cat a bowl full of yeast tablets. I don't know if it can be toxic or not, but a tablet or two a day is all you should give your cat. You can use the tablets as cat treats.

And that's all the time we have on Pets Corner. Tune in tomorrow when we will discuss "Emergency Love" Does your pooch hump your pooh bear? Well never fear, for you are not alone! That's tomorrow, on Pets Corner!

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