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2005-06-26 - 10:19 a.m.

It would appear that I am getting that apartment I want. Probably. The dadness has agreed to pull whatever strings have to be pulled. Now I just have to make sure the raise comes through just as it is supposed to. I'm going to wait until my raise paperwork is all done before I start moving.

My office is being moved, too. My relationship is all screwed up. What is going on here? Apparently, I am not allowed to have stability in my life. That is just a natural fact. Really good stuff happens to me, consistently. I just can't ever relax in the knowledge that things will stay well. I guess the lesson is to go with the flow and not worry about everything. Don't even expect security! Right?

So on this coming Wednesday, all of us in administration are moving our offices from one end of our huge building to the other end. I have shelves and shelves of medical records to move. I'm sure there will be some burly mens to come do the heavy lifting. Let's hope so. It will be a good move I think, because it's a nicer room I am moving to. New office. Bigger bathroom. Smooth walls instead of ugly cinder block.

My neighbor, who cuts our grass for a hefty fee was outside my bedroom window at 8:00 this morning, weed-eating. I have asked his crazy ass to not start loud yard work that early in the morning. After he ran the weed-eater for an eternity, he mowed the front yard. He went away for a bit and now he is back with a freakin leaf blower. If he rings my doorbell, I'm going to go buck wild.

My cat is splooshing the toilet water. He's fascinated by the toilet and any other container that holds the thrilling substance known as water. As a result, you can't sit on a toilet around here without looking at the seat to check for water drops. You know it's a nasty feeling to sit on a wet toilet seat.

Just now, he was standing on the toilet seat looking down into the water, and I flushed it to see what he would do. He watched the water swirl around with his head going around and around right along with it, then when the water disappeared, he stuck his head way down in there. Like he couldn't believe his eyes. Nutty cat.

He told a few lies this morning. He said there were no kitty bitties in his bowl. Filthy liar. He had some. He wanted some more. He also said he was a kitten so the adult cat food is not appropriate for his delicate palate. All lies. I know he's not been a kitten for a good 6 or 7 years. He also said he had no water, but he knows where to get water and the dog water bowl is right there. Sometimes he drinks from it. He prefers to drink from a faucet drizzling at just the perfect speed. He did some crazy yodeling this morning and he was very needy for attention and SERVICE. He demands a certain amount of service. His highness is napping now. Or so he'd like me to believe.

I need to go shopping. There are no wilberteets bitties in the house.

Later Gators.

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