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2004-02-01 - 9:17 p.m.


And would you venture to guess why? Am I that much of a football enthusiast, you ask?


Do I care who wins,you ask?


Do I even know what two teams are playing, you ask??

Uh, that would be a big NO.

Then why am I happy, you ask??

Survivor, Dooooooooooood!! It's the survivor superstars season!! RUPERT, for God's sake. FREAKIN RUPERT! Do I even need to say more??


He's back, and so help me, he'd better not get cut early. I wanna see some rich Rupert. I wanna see some million dollar winning Rupert.

There was one season when a local guy from my town was the first runner up. That was Clay Jordan. He's a hoot. I wonder if he's on this new season. I think not, because I haven't heard anything about it around town and I haven't seen him on any commercials. I would like for him to be on it. He was pretty funny.

It's time for the show, it's actually past time for it to start. I'm going to be pissed if it doesn't come on because of some crappy football game. haha.

My apologies to any readers who may be harboring more respect for the superbowl than I am currently displaying.

I couldn't possibly care less about it, but that's just my humble opinion.

Go Team Go, you silly ole Rams, Tigers, uh Eagles, or whatever kind of animal mascots you have adopted. Go you!

It sounds like a tie. Can it be a tie? Crikey!! Somebody do something so it can be O-VERRRR, please!!

I could go on like this all night, or till my show starts, whichever comes first. But no. I shall sign off and spare ya the pointless ranting.

Goodnight friends, countrymen, and sadists, and all you peoples in between.

I don't know.

Weird mood.

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