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2004-11-10 - 8:41 p.m.

Myra and I have been eating out way, way too often. We went to Copelands again and this time we decided to order a few individual items and share them. We both wanted this fabulous chopped salad, I wanted potatoes au gratin, and she wanted corn and crab bisque. I don't generally like things that are sweet, creamy, and fishy all at the same time. The bisque fit that description exactly and it was very light in color. I didn't care for it much, but Myra made a valiant attempt to like it. I think she actually did like it at first, but it got too rich to handle after a few bites.

Eventually, she was looking a little green around the gills, (country term for nauseated) and she said "Welp, no more pus for me". Then we cackled and guffawed for a while. She covered the bowl with her napkin so she wouldn't have to see it. Of course, this caused more laughing.

Speaking of Myra, she had surgery on her left hand for carpal tunnel syndrome. It's just an outpatient procedure. This happened on Monday and she did fine. When she got home, her hand was swollen pretty badly and I told her over dinner that it reminded me of something I saw once on rotten.com. It was all swollen and discolored. She knew exactly what I was talking about. Yuck. I don't look at rotten.com much, because the pictures haunt me, but I do like to read the news items. Once in awhile I accidently see something awful.

But I digress...

Anyways... she had some pain and swelling with the hand and it turns out, her bandage was on too tight! She finally called and found out it should not be swollen. She loosened up the bandage and the swelling was down within an hour. All the throbbing and swelling was due to a bad wrap job! This will be a good thing to know when she goes in to have the other one done.

You know your bandage is wrapped too tight when your hand looks like it belongs on a dead bloated corpse.

In Other News:

I know you'll all be happy to know I got the unedited version of Disclaimer II, the Seether CD. Now I get to hear my favorite singer screaming "FUCK" and everything is just a little bit brighter in my world because of it.


My cable internet access was out again today. I called the cable company and told them I ditched Bellsouth DSL because I had constant problems with losing my connection and I'm getting really frustrated with this. Somehow, they were able to break off a technician for me this afternoon. He came over and dinked around with it and finally he said there is a software problem and the whole system is about to be updated, by the end of this week. There's not a whole lot to be done about this problem until then. My connection is fine right now, but it frequently just blinks out for periods of time.

Why, oh why can't I get an internet connection that doesn't crap out on me every couple of days??? WTF? No matter what I do, it just seems to have technical difficulties. I need my own satellite in space sending a signal to just me. It would probably fall out of the sky and crush my house only, leaving a crater where my ill working phone lines and cable modem used to rest.

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