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2006-08-23 - 11:35 a.m.


After a horrible few days, my internet connection is finally back up. Almost all is well in my world when my net connection is ok. Usually. I abhor computer problems.

The intrepid technician they sent out was able to fix my problem, but he has no idea what the problem was or how he fixed it. I almost abducted him, because I was afraid the connection would fade the second he walked out the door. I didn't want to let him leave.

I have a few other problems in my life right now. About 2 or 3 of my electrical outlets have ceased to function in the hall and livingroom. There's no telling what kind of horrendous problem is brewing with that. I am afraid to call an electrician. I guess I'm going to have to. I'll do that when I get done here. I have to spend a little time online right now since I've been so cruelly deprived.

Another problem I have is a hurty spot in my esophagus every time I swallow. It's down pretty low - mid chest. When you swallow there are a bunch of muscles in your esophagus that makes everything keep going. It's not just gravity. So it feels like one of my muscles in there is sore. Real sore. I have had that before. It went away in a few days last time.

I love being home on Wednesdays. I do some coding for one or two of my hospitals from home on Wednesdays but other than that, I'm off work, unless I'm on a road trip. I usually clean house and then I make some delicious hazelnut coffee and watch Montel because Sylvia Browne is on every Wednesday and I like to see her. She is a psychic and while I do not believe anyone is 100% accurate, she definitely has something going on. It's interesting.

Ah... no wonder I am hungry. It's almost noon. It's very good to have my internet connection back.

I am missing someone today.

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