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2005-05-31 - 10:23 p.m.

Sometimes when females live in a house together, they synchronize. Know what I mean, Vern?

Synchronize, I say.

When I say synchronize, I actually mean: bleed like banshees and descend on helpless blocks of chocolate like a plague of angry locusts. We ATE some chocolate, we kicked some asses. We were hungry, we were bloated. There are 3 of us synchronized females in the house.

Dontcha feel sorry for the boy we let live in the house with us? He slept in the shed at someone elses house last night, but that was entirely unrelated to the state of extreme synchronization going on at Casa de Teets right now.

My nephew is 9 and somehow got his mom to agree to let him go on a sleepover at his friend's house. There were 3 boys, total. They were going to sleep in the shed. This struck me as a really bad idea on so many levels, but he was excited about it. This morning he came home and told me that one of his friends got clocked in the head by a tank of propane or something and so he "fell asleep really quick last night". Is it just me, or was that a horrifying turn of events that could have been a tragedy? It's the reason 9 year old boys need constant supervision. They don't know that blunt trauma to the head can cause death. Perhaps I am an alarmist.

He survived.

He really beat the odds this week. He survived a triple female synchronized PMS fest and then an ill conceived slumber party out in the wild.


In a totally unrelated news item, I am loving my new Seether CD. I've had "The Gift" stuck in my head all day.

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