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2005-06-28 - 12:05 p.m.

I've been tagged by the always fabulous Pete at www.incredipedro.com. My linky maker is broken, so I have to just put the address up and let everyone paste it into your browser to check out the Peteness. He has a new Forum up, so join the Incrediforum and chat with us. We need more topics.

Anyways, I've been tagged so I now have to list 5 things that society in general apparently enjoys or tolerates but that I just don't get. This should be a cake walk, since I am constantly bitching. Hmmmmm... let's seeeee:

1) The Scion. WTF??? This is the ugliest damn vehicle ever made. It looks like a refridgerator being dragged on its side. I made an entry about that very thing one time. Because it was just that ugly. Apparently, it is cheap and the cheapness is the attraction. I think it's not worth it, even for the cheap price. To those of you who own a scion, or love someone who owns one, my condolences. Buy a disguise.

2) Grown females who baby talk. Absolutely sickening. There are guys who seem to actually like this. They probably would like their "nappy" changed as well. I also dislike anything that is overly cutesyfied. It all just sets off the hoke-o-meter.

3) Redneck humor. Not funny. Not funny at all. Let me just lump in Country music with this category, because it makes me sick too, and for the same reason.

4) Babies. I mean, come on. How over-rated. (just kidding.)

5) Televised Sports. I just have no use for sports. I realize most of the rest of the world thinks sports are great, but I am just bored silly by them. I don't get the concept of watching someone else play a game. I cannot believe people watch other people play golf on TV. Why not go golfing yourself, doofus?

6) I am obligated to put one more thing on my list since number 4 was a joke. This one could lose me some friends, but here goes: I don't like beer. I think beer is yucky, untasty, generally unfit for my consumption. It's fattening and tastes gross, it makes you feel overly full, I don't care what they say about tastes great / less filling. That's BS, cause it all tastes like ass and is extremely filling. So there you have it.

Yes, I know. I'm a freak. Try to love me anyway. I do like the occasional mixed drink. Especially the sweet, frozen, girly variety.

That was pretty fun. It's good to have a pre-selected topic once in awhile. Now do I have to tag people? I guess I do, so here's my list of tagged people:


I tried to link you guys. It just doesn't work anymore. Damn it.

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