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2003-08-21 - 9:32 p.m.


I was flipping channels looking for something to listen to and I heard this guy say the following:

I really want you to try it babe, I mean, I know that lots of women WON'T do it, but it's good to be adventurous. You might like it! Please don't rule it out. Thousands of women do it and like it! Don't be scared. We'll go real slow. You could start out easy with a carrot and then slowly work your way up to a cucumber. Come on babe.......

make me a salad.

har har


Let me tell you what TS did today. Elvis Junior, her son, is having a birthday party Saturday. I shopped for his present today. I called her on the phone to tell her about it and make sure she didn't already buy it for him. Guess what she did??? The kid was right there in the room and ...


Right in front of the kid. She just came out with it like we were talking about lunch or something.

I'm going to have to get her a nice big pair of socks to stuff in her pie hole. hehe.


OK ... true confession time. I ate bananas yesterday and I'm stooopid today. I mean, I have been making some ridiculous mistakes. Just now, I did it again.

I was talking to Bink about the birthday presents we bought for the family (3 family members have b-days this week) and I had picked one gift up at Sam's for Bink today... and we were discussing it. After we finished discussing that present, we discussed what she got for Elvis Jr. and then I said "You did good!" and she said "Yeah! I got it all done at Walmart and Sam's!" And I said "Really? You got one at Sam's??"

You see, in my nannerfied brain, I was thinking she was at Sams at the same time as me.... totally forgetting that she got a present at Sam's only because I went there to buy it for her.

Bink's entire response was "How many nanners have you HAD?"

Sometimes I'm a tard.

I hope this entry is coherent.

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