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2005-12-05 - 9:35 p.m.

You'll never in a million years guess what happened at the chiro's office today, so I'll just spill it:

Dr. Slappyfingers was having his birthday today and he told me that a birthday spanking would be really nice. haha! Fear not, for I did no spanking, Gentle Reader. I'm far too much of a lady to indulge his fetish without so much as a lobster dinner before hand. I mean, while he's married.

In other news, one of my underlings has been axed, fired, terminated, let go, pinched off, freed, released, discharged, run off, drummed out... etc. I fought for her job for a long time, but girlfriend had some serious issues that time was not curing. I think she's headed for a major crash-n-burn. Her whole life is a mess. I finally stopped fighting it and the big cheese lowered the boom on her today. Since it was not my choice and not my idea, he took on the firing task. I appreciated that.

One of my other underlings is unhappy and might quit. There is a chance that I can place underling 2 in underling 1's newly vacated position. That would be good, I think. She might be a bigger headache to me in that position, but she does good work, when I can keep her focused. I've had some personnel problems. Apparently I am a LOUSY judge of character. I've hired a bunch of ninnies.

Ah... such is life.

Now I'm one ninny short. I barely trust myself to find a replacement. Who knows what I'll drag up next.

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