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2004-11-15 - 3:13 p.m.

You guys will never guess in a million years what I did last night. I can hardly believe it myself. It's a small thing, but it's something I'll bet none of my readers have ever done before.

Sounds kinda dirty, huh?

Well it's not. Sorry. I bought dry pinto beans and soaked them over night so they would stop being so much like hard plastic and undergo a bean-like transformation, and now I am cooking those pinto beans! I have a big slab of ham that I am going to cut up in there in a little while.

Seriously though, the beans in their dry form do not look or feel like food. You have to soak them. They swell up quite a bit. My mom used to cook a pot of beans & ham and an iron skillet full of fried potatoes and another iron skillet full of cornbread. Usually we had some cole slaw with that, which I hated, and in general I was less than thrilled when we were having that, but now, it's a happy memory. That's southern food, dontcha know. As cosmopolitan as I may seem... and as devastatingly sophisticated as I am, I do come from southern folk. I know several actual rednecks personally.

I'm experiencing this sudden urge to cook things because autumn has finally happened. The weather is cool. I get all happy in the fall and it makes me want to cook certain kinds of things. Autumn is the time for chili, stew, and big pots of pinto beans. Roast cannot be far behind. My mom makes a great roast.

I'm in the mood to cook stuff and burn candles and drink hot things besides just coffee. One of my favorite hot drinks is hot mulled cider. There's this great stuff called "mulling spices" that they sell in little cartons and it's a powdered substance that you stir into hot apple juice. It's so good. I only think about it in fall and winter.

I'm very tempted to call my mom and invite my parents over to eat with us. I might do it. I've got to take a look and try to figure out just how badly the house would fail the white glove test. I'm gonna do it. Damn the torpedos!!

I have work to do and a phone call to make. Cook things mon frer... it's time to cook things.

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