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2005-02-24 - 12:48 p.m.

I haven't been updating very regularly lately. My ass has been globe trotting. I went from the northeast corner of Louisiana aaaaalllllll the way down to New Orleans for a meeting. When the meeting was over, I decided to drive aaaaaallllll the way back up to the northwest corner, because I had a meeting scheduled in Shreveport for Tuesday afternoon. It was the wee hours of the morning when I got in. I went through every major town in Louisiana and most of them twice, on Monday. I was in the car all day. I'm lucky my booty didn't flatten out from all that sitting.

In my travels, I have noticed some interesting sights down south. I brought my digital camera along with me on this trip so I could take some pictures of a couple of things I think are photo worthy. I'll have to go back home to upload the pics. Hopefully I will do that this weekend. I'm planning to. I will take more pics next trip. I was in a hurry this time and didn't get to stop at any of the antebellum mansions as I had planned.

I lazed out so bad last weekend that I didn't even exact any vengeance on Myra for all the dougly things she has done to my pc. I didn't accomplish anything at all. I hope I do something worthwhile this coming weekend. I have so much that needs to be done at my house. I'm thinking of picking out a few things to keep out of my garage and having a clean out crew come and take everything else away. I have my ex's tools and a really nice tool box out there, 2 or 3 tillers, furniture, etc. I'd be willing to let someone keep the valuable stuff just to get rid of the rest.

I should have a garage sale, shouldn't I? That's a lot of work. Argh.

Have I ever mentioned that ferrets stink? Well they do. I think I am gearing up for spring cleaning. I'm never there to do anything, except on weekends. I'm sick of everything and I'm not PMSing, so it must be the spring cleaning bug. It's late February already! This means that hot weather is all too near down here in the humid state. Spring has sprung, actually.

I need to spring up my page a little. Maybe I'll do that this weekend, too. That sounds a little ambitious after the totally inert weekend I had last week.

I'm breaking my own cardinal rule and posting an update from work. It's my lunch break though and I will go back and erase the history. I wouldn't want anyone from work to know about my blog.

And on that note... I shall return back to the old grindstone.

Later gators...

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