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2003-06-24 - 5:27 p.m.

Hi Trent... It's great to see you. You look nice today. Just like yesterday.

I just got home with my dirty pick axe and my shabby old miners hat. I think my light bulb is on the blink. It was just incessantly flickering while I was down in the coal shaft all damn day and now I have a headache from all the changing light intensity. And that bitch, Big Al, forgot his deodorant AGAIN today... and do I really have to explain hygiene to this guy 5 days a week? It's pretty close quarters down in a mine shaft, and axe swinging causes some bad things to happen under Al's meaty arms. And the really weird part is that I work in a hospital so I probably shouldn't even go in the mine and most likely don't even need my miner's hat with the cool light source on the front. Note to self: from now on ix-nay on the ineshaft-may.

Something akin to technical difficulties did befall me at work today though. The damn air conditioner was on the fritz, so it was roughly 90 degrees in my office all day. The heat index was 110 here today, and that's just not necessary. It makes me tired and cranky to be hot all day. But things are looking up, because the work day is done and I'm going out with my crazy sister tonight. We are wild and nasty vixens. We are going to the local coffee shop / bookstore and we might just close that fucker down tonight. We like to live on the edge like that. We're going to plot some future crimes. I think that's the whole purpose of this outing. It gives us a semi-private place to sip our expensive capuccino while we plot our future crimes. Things we will have to beg forgiveness for later. Muahahahaaa

Things are swell in teetsville. Except my man is far, far away in a distant land called Philly.

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