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2004-09-17 - 12:18 a.m.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Jordan, aka spudder, who gave me the link to a list of color codes. I had been just trying different codes at random to tweak the background color.

I made another D-Land free account to build my new page and I use that page to try out different colors and things so I won't be changing up this page all the time, but here's the deal: The D-Land servers are overloaded right now (surprise, surprise) and I am having trouble getting around on the free one, so I am going to try a few colors on this page that you are reading. So if you keep refreshing, you'll see how it looks with a bunch of different colored backgrounds. It's fun to change it up and see how it looks. I'll stop when I get tired of it and I'll change it back to this lovely light teal. So if you see some wack colors on this page, you'll know I'm just testing.

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