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2004-03-06 - 12:18 a.m.

I'm so glad it's Friday!

Well, I have set some things in motion. Made a few phone calls to agencies that help people deal with assholery in the workplace... I got that consulting job all set up and we shall see what else I can turn up whilst I'm consulting my little heart out in another town.

I don't really need that 9-5 gig, it's just a daunting task to go fill up my client roster from scratch all over again and I was sincerely hoping to be able to settle in and make a fair living where I'm at. Oh well, so much for that pipedream.

I am so sleepy I can barely continue living. I can't even remember what I came on here to say.


I think I'll go to bed and maybe tomorrow I'll be able to think of what to say.

Nighters. zzzzzzzzzz

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