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2006-04-27 - 10:45 p.m.

Well, to those of you who were right up on the edge of your computer chair, worrying about me and my mole removal procedure... you can relax. This is one thrilling story that's about to fizzle and fade.

The dermatologist did not see anything unusual or suspicious about this mole. She said it is just a normal, ordinary mole and no cause for worry unless it sprouts eyes or something. She measured it and invited me to come back and have it looked at whenever I feel like it, but if it was her mole, she'd just keep it.

So I did.

Me and my mole are just kicking back, about to watch some Survivor. I Tivo'd it. Ah yes... there's a new ER tonight as well. I always Tivo my Thursday night shows now, because of all my wonderful loved ones who although fully aware that I watch TV on Thursday nights, and do not wish to be disturbed, they always find a reason to call me during ER. Thanks to the Tivo, I can pause my show at will. I love technology, almost as much as Kip does.

Wow. It's later than I thought. I've got to get ready for bed. I'm working tomorrow so I need to snooze. My back is sore, but in a whole different way than I was expecting. I missed my massage today and that is never good. I gave the dermatologist my massage money just to tell me to go home and keep my mole.

Can anyone chat tomorrow night? I might go out to eat so we might want to go a little later than 9 pm central time. Like maybe an hour later. That would be 11 pm for you new yorky, phillyish types. I have a feeling the Artgnome will be ahem "busy". Damn her and her good luck. If you want to chat, leave me a comment about it so I'll know, ok?

Later gators!

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