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2005-11-16 - 9:59 p.m.

Today, when I left work for the day, I saw the production crew of a new series called "Thief" across the street. They were shooting scenes at a small house, directly across the street from my workplace. Like, 20 feet from where I park my car everyday. Maybe my car will be an extra on the show. I cannot believe they were out there for hours and I didn't hear a word of buzz about it going around the facility.

I walked out the door and saw all kinds of big trucks and equipment on the street and in the yard of that house. There were people milling around and director's chairs out in the driveway. After dark, they had the place lit up like daylight with all the huge flood lights.

There are going to be about a dozen movies shot in Shreveport over the next few months. This means millions of dollars in revenue for the city. I just read an article about this in the Shreveport Times. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are rumored to be renting a house in the ritzy part of town because he is shooting "The Guardian" here. The reason for all this sudden Hollywood stuff in our humble state? Louisiana offers a huge tax break for shooting films here. "Thief" is set in New Orleans, but it's really being shot in Shreveport.
In other news: My chiropractor tried to kill me again today. He made me lay down on this scary table I've never been on before and he trapped me there with a couple of padded posts cinched in very tightly to my waist. They had to be tight to keep him from pulling me off the table. He grabbed my head like it was some kind of wrestling move, and I panicked and yelped "WAIT! I'm scared!" He said "Don't worry, I've done this before." (wisenheimer) Then I asked "Is it going to be sudden?" and he said "Yep" and without missing a beat, he tried to pull my head clean off in one fast move. I felt every vertebra in my back pop on that one. I have a new sympathy for the male praying mantis. I said "Ok, I'm not a fan of that move." But I guess it turned out ok, since I lived. My head stayed attached to my body, despite his efforts to remove it.

I've got meetings, meetings, meetings tomorrow. I'm supposed to go in early... for a meeting. Lunch is a meeting. At least I'm getting a good lunch at a pricey restaurant out of the deal. I was tres productive today and yesterday.

Oh, Guess what? My new computer arrived today, as promised. Mr. Moneybag$ is on a roll.
Wibby had a bad night last night. It involved stomach cramps followed by copious amounts of barf and poo. I am now having what I sincerely hope are just empathy cramps. It's very vague... not anything serious yet. I fervently hope I don't have the stomach bug. I don't have time for that. There's never a good time for a stomach bug though, is there?

I ate dinner on the way home and it was not a very good experience. It was cold outside and they were blasting the AC inside the restaurant! (Crazy folks up in there.) Then, I was served *cold* chicken, which I didn't eat, and the waitress brought me some really hot, just-been-cooked fried cod fish, but it had bones in it and I was grossed out by that. I gave up on dinner at that point. I had to get back out into the cold November night air to warm up from the frigid temperature inside the restaurant.

I am SO ready for Friday. I am not in the mood for a day of meetings. I'm looking forward to a much needed long weekend.

Can't wait!

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