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2003-11-22 - 12:35 p.m.


I am doing pretty well I suppose. The people from work keep calling me to ask me questions, not about my health, but about codes, transcription, where I keep things, and whether we have any mini cassettes left.


I wish I could win the lottery and just not work anymore. It's so annoying that I couldn't have a simple weekend getaway without them continuing to call me. I'm about to get dressed and go over there to take care of business. Gotta love it.


I want to write about what happened to our dog before I go. This wasn't Daggala who was tragically cut down in his prime, it was Abbigail the blond cocker spaniel. She's a sweet little dog. And she is the fence climber that I've written about a couple of times. She's no respector of fences.

Anyways... she was abducted in the dead of night by Bink's boyfriend. His intentions remain unclear. My theory is that they had a fight and he decided to confiscate the dog, since he had given it to her as a gift. The days for their relationship appear to be quite numbered.

So, he crept into my yard in the middle of the night, even after I recently called the cops on him for trespassing on my property in the wee hours. (I thought he was an intruder.) So here he was again, sneaking around my property in the dead of night, and he took the dog.

While in his care, she disappeared. We didn't know where she was for 2 days. The boy's mother called all the vet's offices and found a place that had taken in a blond cocker spaniel. She had been hit by a car and her leg was broken. The woman who hit her brought her to the closest vet and signed all the papers as if it was her dog. We called and claimed the dog, and said we would pay the bill and pick up the dog after work. When we got there, they had released our dog to the care of the woman who had hit her!!!

Worse yet, they told me she couldn't afford to have the surgery that my dog needed, so she had decided to "let it heal naturally". Also known as "let it heal wrong" and "will never be right, but at least she'll live".

I could not believe that even after the dog had been claimed by the owners, this vet's office would release our dog to someone else. I was pretty upset, and they had to give me the lady's name and number. I had a hard time contacting her, because she TOOK THE DOG OUT OF TOWN ALL DAY.

When I finally talked to her, she was a very nice older lady and she was all set to keep the dog. She felt horrible about hitting her and she didn't want to turn the dog over to me without some proof she was my dog. She asked me to describe the dog and I said "She's a cocker spaniel, she looks like all the other blond cocker spaniels." Bink had taken Abby for portraits at Petco recently, so we went over there with a picture.

Long story short: Got my dog back... took her to her own vet who knows her... she had surgery... she's very sore, non-weight bearing status, big incision all along her hip down to her knee. It looks awful.

She's a sweet baby though. She's very humble and is eating up all the special attention. Dagget is just itching to get out so he can throw himself in front of a bus or something. I think Abby is going to be fine, but right now she's very sore and yelpy. I have to give her a pain pill and anti-biotics every morning and night, but that's easy. I wrap it in meat and she scarfs it down.

Yesterday, I was sore from my accident, Myra was sore from her dental work ordeal, and Abby was hobbling around, yelping, from her broken leg and surgery soreness. We were 3 pitiful balls of pain. Of course, the 8 year old and the 2 year old never felt better and they had PLENTY of energy.

I just got the call from work that told me I have to go right now. They can't turn up a mini cassette on their own. They are utterly helpless.


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