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2004-05-20 - 6:03 p.m.

For some reason, when I am in Shreveport, my hair is extra curly. I usually blow dry my hair out straight, and in the summer it curls back up in the humidity. I go through times when I surrender the fight and let my hair fall in the spiral curls it constantly strives for. Yesterday it looked like I had a spiral perm. Today I wore it up, like Shirley Temple with an up do.

Aren't you riveted?

I don't know what to do with myself because my favorite Thursday night shows have all had their season finales. I might go to the mall or to Books-A-Million. Or I could stay home and find out what will be playing in place of my shows.

I witnessed a ridiculous display this morning before I went to work. I was at the hotel cafe where they give me a very good breakfast every day and the little guy who cooks the food always looks so clean and extremely meticulously groomed. He is always polite. I was SHOCKED to see this dude come out of the kitchen, calmly ask a lady who works at the hotel to step into the kitchen for a moment because he needed to speak with her, and then as soon as the swinging door swang shut, he unleashed a crazy fit on this woman. He yelled his ass off and peppered it with lovely phrases like "THAT'S BULLSHIT!!". When he got done yelling, she walked back out with one of those little cartoon black clouds above her head and steam coming out her ears, and the little guy came out into the dining area. His face was red all the way down his neck. He was still posturing like a tiny banty rooster. That display changed my opinion of him. I can't respect people who act that way. I don't care what that lady did to him, it was ridiculous for him to calmly call her in and then yell a cursing at her. That's not how civilized adults act.

Now, don't anyone start remembering the time I dived out my door onto the repair man and put him in a head-lock, because that was totally different. He was trying to steal something of mine and desperate times require desperate measures. Ya know?

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