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2004-10-05 - 9:51 p.m.

The laptop is working, so I am not out of luck all week for internet access! Oh, happy me.

Today went just swimmingly, I do must say. I'm happy to be here. This is my pet hospital, my favorite staff, and everyone is cooperative here. I'm in the same hotel I always stay in when I come to this town, so I'm totally at home.

I went to Books-a-million tonight, in my attempt to avoid the vice presidential candidate debate. I'm not apathetic you understand, I just don't give a shit. At least I don't give a shit tonight. I got almost zero sleep last night. I felt surprisingly great all day at work, but I've since crashed and burned.

I thought I was so crafty and swift last night. I took something to help me sleep and it seemed to make me nice and tired. So I went to bed at about 10:45 and laid there, really tired, but awake. I finally dozed off, somewhere after midnight, slept very lightly and woke up REVIVED at 2:00 am. Laid awake the rest of the night. Got up at 6:00 am. I felt great though, because I was so wired to be going to work.

I am pretty tired now. Let's hope I sleep. I need to be sharp tomorrow. All the big wigs were at the hospital today. They want me to have a meeting with the doctors soon and it will probably require me to come back week after next. I hope! There is virtually no limit to the number of weeks I am willing to spend collecting fat paychecks. Go figure.

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