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2003-09-18 - 7:28 p.m.


It is surprising how much hilarity a well placed maniacal laugh can bring. I walked up silently behind our human resources lady today and said "MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAA". Almost like the Queen of Salsa. She hopped straight up in the air and was so startled that she was speechless. And her face turned red as a beet. I think I got her heart rate up.

I know I got a certain other co-worker's heart rate up, because at lunch today he was whistling at me construction-worker-style. In front of a lot of people. He is the one who has been hounding me to go out with him. The boy is having trouble with the concept of NO.

Naturally, I pretended not to hear the whistling. This was a good way to deflect the unwanted attention, right?


Cause that's when the bone-head yelled "Hey good lookin', don't you hear me whistling at you?" Right in front of the crowd of people we work with every day. He had a big grin all over his face.

So I denied all knowledge and said "I didn't know you were whistling at me" to which he replied "WELL WHO ELSE WOULD I BE WHISTLING AT???" To me, this was as good as saying that everyone around us was an unattractive troll who could not possibly have been the object of his admiration.

Thoroughly embarassed, I retreated with my lunch tray. I have rejected this guy in every way possible, including physical violence. He is the one whose eye I shot out with a water gun at the July the 4th celebration at work. If you read my archives back around July the 3rd or 4th, you can read how I hopped out and shot him right in the pupil with a jet stream. It sounds evil, but he's doggedly determined. He thinks he's wearing me down, evidently.

It's nice to be appreciated, but dayyum. Ya know?


And WHAT do you suppose I heard?? I heard her telling the tri-state area a tale of how her sister, (moi) was laughing so hard at her imitation of the Queen of Salsa, at a mexican restaurant nonetheless, that her sister (moi again) was "spitting fajitas all over the restaurant".


But seriously though. Spitting fajitas? I'm SUCH a lady. I wouldn't DREAM of spitting a fajita. My spit is fajita free. Guaranteed. But I was laughing pretty hard.

So I came home... cooked a yucky dinner. I cooked this chicken that I had in the freezer because this lady at work was selling food boxes in a fund raiser. Well, it tastes like ASS (Myra told me what ass tastes like) and I'm never buying any more food from her. Myra, my profuse apologies for the CHICKEN ASS you experienced this evening. I hang my head in shame.

Another funny thing... Elvis Jr., the now 8 year old lesbian, alcoholic, nephew was making us laugh up our spleens last night on the way home from the restaurant. We like to play a game of insults, and sometimes he can really get a good one in on who ever he is up against, but last night we got him good. Bink and I had him yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOOO STOP!! NOOOOOOO!!! (in between his giggles) And that's always good. Here's what we did:

Bink and I were giving him the business, and he was hurling back the insults fast and furious, until I struck upon the perfect insult which reverted him to NOOOO STOP NOOOO phase. hehehe

Bink and I tag-teamed him and said the following:

"OOOH, when he sees a big gollywobbler (a fleshy mole on someone) he just wants to nurse on it like a WEEEEEEE BABY!! He has to suck on it and nurdle it... mmmmmmmmmm num num nummmmmmm OOOOHHH let me nurdle your mole numnum mmm slurp" etc etc etc. We were making the sound effects and appropriate facial expressions, and he was yelling NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

It was too too funny. I think you should know that he gives no mercy in return. He rebounded with a vengeance.

Kids are like that, ya know. I can feel the muscles in my abdomen today from the laughing we did last night.


I had a fork just a few minutes ago. Now I have a salad and no fork. Hmmm. I don't remember swallowing my fork...

Our DSL is still acting weird. Actually, the DSL is on, but the network doesn't want to let both Myra and Teets on at the same time. So we are back to sharing until we figure it out. And it's almost her turn. So I will reluctantly let go of the keyboard...

I've been in an odd mood today. Can you tell?

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