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2004-09-20 - 9:54 p.m.

Every blessed day, someone comes to my diary as a result of their google search for the keywords "toga wrapping". Every. Single. Day. How could there possibly be that much interest in toga wrapping?

Other googles for today:

"slang snuff the rooster"

"winona had a big brown beaver"

"stink up the bathroom"

I may have to post a tutorial on toga wrapping to satisfy the teeming millions who have a need to know.

I get a lot of googles for "how to set a mouse free from a sticky trap". The best way to do that is to BUY A MOUSE CUBE. There's no sticky stuff in a mouse cube. It works just as well, if not better, and the mouse is not wet or sticky when he or she bounds off into the wild. Mouse cubes are cheap and easy to use. Walmart. Pest control area.

If someone already has a mouse stuck to a sticky trap, the way to get them loose is with a few drops of cooking oil placed where the mouse fur is stuck to the stickiness, and around the little mousie feets. The oil sits on the sticky stuff for a few minutes and starts breaking down the stickiness. The mouse will wriggle itself free and you can hold the trap upside down and let gravity help the little bastard get loose. Resist the urge to pry the mouse free. Be gentle, because their little bones are tiny and breakable. You don't want to injure a fella and then leave him to try to survive wounded.

And now for something entirely unrelated to the previous topic: Myra is going to renew her supergold membership and start writing in her journal again. She's had a bunch of good things happen lately. A nice switch from cancer scares and car accidents. You'll be hearing from her in the near-ish future.

I have the hiccups and it's about to drive me insane. And now I must go. I must get into bed and flip channels tonight. I mean to do this important task every night, but I usually don't do it.












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