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2004-08-05 - 11:37 p.m.

Something hi-larious happened in Teetsville. A long while back, Elvis Junior, the lesbian, alcoholic nephew made a really bad snap decision.

He thought it would be cool to shave off his eyebrows. Not really the whole brow, but enough of each brow to sort of form something close to what Kookla had on Kookla, Fran, and Ollie. He left about half of each brow. It was insanely funny and we all had a really good laugh. All of us except Elvis Jr., that is. He was somewhat less than amused, as evidenced by the flat stare he shot in our general directions whenever we mentioned the brow-cut. Binky, being the photography enthusiast that she is, caught the joy on camera. I've scanned the pics and will post a couple here. I may end up moving this to a private folder, because if the boy finds out he will be hella pissed.

He's a good looking kid and I scanned a nice shot of him from a class field trip. I'll post that first, so you can see a non-hilarious picture of him first:

Good looking kid.

We have a picture of him in his drawz, trying to hide behind a couch cushion and that picture is really funny, but I'm cutting the kid some mercy and not posting him in his skivvies. There is another picture of him hiding in the bathroom from the ever seeking camera lens. But the one that made me come closest to losing control of my bodily functions was this one:

In the above shot, he had finally given up and just let the picture be taken. Note the flat stare. The lack of humor. The resignation.


Then he embraced the process and let her take another shot. Here is that one:

Dig those brows

I *think* this will be the last brow-cut the boy gives himself. I'll be using these pictures for blackmail material at some point in the future.


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