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2004-07-11 - 4:41 p.m.

Summertime is my least favorite season. I don't have a pool, I am heat intolerant, and humidity just sucks ass. I get in a bad mood in the summer time and that mood stays until mid-October when the heat breaks and we get fall, my favorite season.

One of my unfavoritest things ever, is when my house is hot inside. My central air works, but when they built this house, the builder put in an AC unit just barely big enough to do the job and the thing runs non-stop in the hottest part of the summer. If it gets too hot in the house, the AC can't catch up until night, so I guard my cool very carefully.

Elvis Jr. likes to run in and out and in and out and once he's in, he needs out. When he's out, he just gots ta gots ta be back in. I say "Don't run in and out. You're letting all my cool out and the mosquitos in" and he says "Ok" and goes out. Four minutes later, he's back in. So today I decided that boy is done running in and out. I locked his ass out. haha

He is roaming the neighborhood with a pack of stray kids and earlier today I noticed he was gleefully playing inside the house while his little buddies pressed their greasy little brows to the glass door and watched.

We made him go outside and after he was out, Myra decided to take a nap with the little one. It's very peaceful in here right now, so I made a note and put it on the door. It says "Do not knock or ring the doorbell, we are all asleep. Just play outside. When we are up, we will take down the note." So he came back and I could hear the little kiddie voices outside, plotting and scheming.

The little fartknocker found a way in. I had to put him and his little friend out the door. He thought he had made it in on a technicality. Since he didn't knock or ring the bell he thought he was safe. He missed that part about "just play outside". He wanted me to let them stay in and play video games. That would last about 4 minutes. Then they would be slamming the doors or trying to get the trampoline inside the living room, or playing World Championship Wrestling, using the living room as the ring.

So I pushed him on out the door. Next time he comes back, he's coming in, but his friends are going home and he's not going out again. He will be all done playing for today. We need to make it like it was for us, when we were kids. We didn't dare come back to the house before we were ready to come inside because mom would make us stay in. She didn't go for the running in and out business. If you had to pee, you'd better do it behind a bush, because if you went in my house, it was like the Burmuda Triangle. You would not be seen or heard from again on that day.

Wicked, wicked mom...

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