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2004-02-26 - 10:34 p.m.

Here's how the deal at work is going down so far: Asswipe, (pronounced oz-wee-pay) has laid down the stank and suggested the exact pay cut I was expecting him to attempt.

I have countered with my offer, which is to reduce my hours, if he reduces my pay. The more I think about this, the more I know it is what I want to do. I am giddy with excitement at the mere thought of working a 4 day week. I think my stress load will finally be down to a manageable level.

If he does not agree to this, I am going on a serious job hunt and leaving his sorry ass for greener pastures, or at least less shit-filled ones.

Everyone should pray, cast spells, sell your soul to the devil, or whatever it is you do when asking the unseen powers for favors, and do this on my behalf...everyone should collectively bless the teets of wilber with good luck that the mean and horrible boss shall decide to honor my request for a reduced schedule.

There's something great in it for you, Gentle Reader. Yes, you will be rewarded with the joy of seeing my writing with less rants about how much I hate my job. For I shall be happy.

These weeks are flying by. I can't believe it's already about to be Friday again. Good stuff.

And speaking of good stuff, Myra cooked some dinner this night, and she threw down some seriously good schnitzel. We spent some years in Europe and der weiner schnitzel apparently made quite an impression on her. It was a very good dinner.

This is my TV night. You know how I am about ER and Survivor. Much to my delight, they wedged Donald Trump and his hair right in between my two shows, so I have a full block of MUST-SEE-TV and it is *quite* impossible for me to cook on Thursday nights. Cannot be done. I can buy a pizza, but I gots no time for the cooking.

I do, however, have time for the eating. I'm real helpful with that part.

Have you seen the "Passion of The Christ" movie? I can't watch it in a large group of people. I need to see it at home where I can weep like a wee lass as much or as loud and protractedly as I want to. Whether you are christian or non-christian, believer or not, this is the story of an innocent person who was tortured and beaten brutally to death. Someone who, by all accounts, was good and gentle. He was a brother, a teacher, a friend, and someone's baby. I have a hard time watching any character on a movie being brutalized, and the fact that it is Jesus makes it harder to swallow for a girl like me, who was raised to believe. So watch it for it's historical relevance if religious ideas put you off. Take some tissues with you and go ahead and weep like Halle Berry at an awards show.

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