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2004-02-22 - 10:27 a.m.

Yesterday I had 2,178 hits on my site. That was some craziness. It was fun while it lasted.

Now, on to some pressing issues. My cat seems to be confused. He gets in his litter pan to do his business, and then when he is done, he steps out and scratches the floor around it. Then he walks off smug and satisfied, because he thinks he's covered it up. He hasn't.

If there is one thing that cat hates, it's clean litter. Sometimes I wait until right after he finishes to clean the litter pan. He gets right back in and sits there with this intense look of concentration, trying to work something up.

I had to declaw him, because of 2 reasons: He had problem claws and they were proned to infections, and I had a new leather chair. So, he has no claws, but he still goes through the motions of sharpening his nails.

His name is Possum, because he looked like a little wet oppossum when he was found in a ditch one rainy night, but my niece and nephew think his name is Posh. Like Posh Spice. I guess they think he's a fancy cat.

He's abnormal with his food preferences too. He won't eat canned cat food. He likes Meow Mix. And as far as people food goes, he loves bread and crackers. If I'm eating a bagel and salami, he doesn't want the meat, he's after the bagel.

He purrs really loud.

You'd think I was the only person to ever own a cat. And this is not a new cat. We've had him a few years. I just got on a roll.

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